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Dan & Jael fall in love (first with each other, then chocolate…)

Our story has shaped our values and ambitions, and we’re adamant about fostering positivity in our business, our community and our industry, all in the name of love & chocolate!

lounge in spring

It started with the same old story: Girl flirts with boy. Boy asks girl out. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl leave graduate school and buy an abandoned cacao farm (learn more here) in Costa Rica. Well, I guess that last part is a little different…

But that’s exactly what happened.

When Dan and Jael Rattigan met at a wedding in 2003, nothing expected was to occur again.  After a trip together to Costa Rica, the pair knew life in the Midwest just wouldn’t do. So they dropped out of graduate school, packed their lives into a 40-foot vegetable oil-powered school bus (converted by Dan), and drove south to Costa Rica (having both just learned Jael was pregnant).

Destination: Puerto Viejo de Limon, a small Caribbean village filled with fisherman, surfers, and expatriates from around the world.

Once parked in Puerto Viejo de Limon, Dan and Jael opened a café and dessert shop, Bread & Chocolate. It was here, in the apartment above their shop, that their first son, Sam, was born. It was also here that their interest in cacao became a lifestyle.

1.1 bus and sign

After a year of studying and playing with chocolate recipes, serving the good people of Costa Rica, and getting hitched, Dan and Jael came to a realization: They are not beach people.  But Bread & Chocolate was an overwhelming success, and continues to this day…


So Bread and Chocolate was sold to a young buck from Baltimore (Tom Franklin, pictured in the video above), and Dan and Jael hopped back in their bus to continue their journey as self-ordained chocolate missionaries.

Somewhere along the way, Asheville, NC, became their destination and French Broad Chocolates was soon birthed  (as was their second son, Max). The business began out of their home kitchen, selling their chocolates online and at local farmers markets. The demand quickly outgrew the space, and in 2008 French Broad Chocolate Lounge was opened, giving the people of Asheville a haven for indulgence.

jael and dan outside the lounge, peggy

In 2009, after repeated scolding from the Fire Marshal for exceeding occupancy limits, Chocolate Lounge was expanded to the second and third floors of its home on 10 S. Lexington Ave.

But the tiny chocolate empire continued to expand!

In 2012, Dan and Jael’s dream of being a bean-to-bar chocolate maker was achieved when they opened the French Broad Chocolate Factory & Tasting Room. Here, they directly import beans from quality cacao farms and turn them into chocolate bar delicacies. From roasting to wrapping, Dan and Jael handle every step in the chocolate making process.


And the bean-to-bar mission doesn’t stop there. Remember that abandoned cacao farm in Costa Rica? Well, Dan and Jael still own it, and hope for their first harvest of cacao this winter. This is as close as one can get to farm-to-bar in the continental United States!

An old tree on our farm. Shows varying stages of pod maturity.

An old tree on our farm. Shows varying stages of pod maturity.

It’s an exciting time for these two crazy kids, as well as everyone aboard the French Broad Chocolates train. With their dedication to quality ingredients, sourcing, working environment, and employee relationships, Dan and Jael are working to have a positive impact on their community and chocolate world at large…

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